Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Restored R1155 Receiver

One comment I have had about the R1155 restoration book, is that there are no photographs of the completed receiver. So here are some, click on each picture to get a larger version. If you want to restore your receiver to a fully working condition you will need my book. It shows you where every wire goes in every part of the receiver. It provides a workable rebuilding plan, so that everything fits in with minimum difficulties.

To order, email me at p dot holtham at uqconnect dot net

Copies are still available ex stock, for £20.00 plus p & p air mail from Australia. I do take Paypal.

Overall view of the top side of the receiver.

Close up views above chassis, left and right.

An overall view of the underside of the receiver.

Close up views of the left and right hand underside of the chassis

Here is the coil box after complete dismantling and rebuilding

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