Sunday, April 4, 2010

C23, C24 and C7

Something else that was left out of the wiring and pointed out by Ian. These three capacitors mount on the gear-end end wall of the coil box.

On p110 in the figure, delete the wiring shown to C23, C24 (that is R65) and C7.

On p134, 1st line below the figure. After the first sentence, add the following text:

There is one final task remaining. On p125 we left C7, C23 and C24 to be wired. These are the capacitors on the gear-end end wall of the coil box.

Tape C23 and C24 together noting the 6BA spacer washers between the two capacitors, then solder a yellow wire to the bottom tag on each capacitor. These two wires should be long enough to reach to the bias tag board.

Fit or replace R66 (10K) hidden in the lead to V9 top cap and poke it through the appropriate grommet in the chassis, then solder it to the lower tag of C23, the capacitor closest to the coil-box.

Now attach the capacitors to the side wall of the coil-box, being careful NOT to dislodge the 6BA spacer washers. Revise the dismantling procedure on p 10 to see how they came off.

R65 (10K) from V9 pin 4 can now be soldered to the lower tag on C24. Finally, using the two yellow wires, connect C23 to tag-board pin 8 and C24 to pin 9. C7 should be connected to the upper (joined) tags of C23 and C24. This point is then jointly wired to the earth-tag on the upper screw fixing the shaft support bracket adjacent to the gears and also to the triplet earth-tag on V9 base.

The diagram below shows the wiring to be added.

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