Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ian's AD8882B blog

Have a look at Ian's AD8882B restoration blog. The AD8882B is the civilian version of the R1155 installed in a number of BOAC aircraft immediately after the war.

Ian used the R1155 Restoration book to completely rebuilt his receiver in just 25 days! He found a number of wiring and typographical errors which I will now be correcting and publishing here.

See below for the typos, and above for the wiring errors he found.

The great thing about Ian using the book to guide the restoration of his receiver is that it gave the book a through work out. His receiver is fully functional now on all ranges, and the DF side also works correctly. He tells me he used it to copy (in Scotland) a VK7 station on 40m ssb. All you need to do to resolve ssb is choose your sideband (by adjusting the BFO to the correct side of the IF passband), turn off the AVC (put the Master switch to the Omni position), and away you go. Here is his web site:

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