Sunday, April 4, 2010

Master Switch Wafer 'c' duplicate wire deletion

On page 123, top diagram, wafer 'c' front, the wire shown from tag 11 to grommet 6 should be deleted. It is duplicated by a wire from wafer 'c' rear tag 5. The correct drawing is shown below.

Notes on the diagram above:

1. There is no MScf5 tag, so there is no link between the front and rear tags as implied by the shaded tag on the diagram.

2. The wire from Tag 7 goes to the junction of R9, R68 and C103 near the bias tag board and not bias tag board tag 10. Amend the master swich wiring schedule on p120 to reflect the correction.

On page 127, line 10, in the list of odd wires, L3 p4 should read L3 p3

Note that this tag on the coil is also earthed to the triplet tag on L5. So add another line:

L3 pin 3 to triplet ground tag on L5, as shown in the diagram opposite on p126

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