Monday, April 5, 2010

Missing capacitors, C108 & C25 and misplaced wire

Some more errors found by Ian ( while restoring his AD8882B. Two capacitors were missed in Section 4.4, the wiring around V5, V6, V8 & V9.

C25 goes between pin 3 of V8 and chassis. C108, is wired between the junction of R68/L25 (see the diagram on p98 for their location) and chassis. Normally this capacitor is soldered halfway along the wire between R68 and L25 pin 2 however it can just as easily be soldered directly to L25 pin 2.

The diagram on p110 should be amended as shown below.

Note that C108 normally goes over the top of the base of V8, not around the side as shown.

While we are in this area, on p111 the HT wire to V6 pin is shown in the diagram coming from tag 2 of the 9-way tag board. That is wrong, it should come from tag 3. Please amend your diagram.

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