Monday, April 5, 2010

R1155 Restoration Guide - Second Edition

The R1155 Receiver Restoration Guide is now available in a second edition, with the errors listed below corrected in the text and diagrams.

The price remains the same, £20.00 plus airmail post and packing from Australia.

Note: if you have a R1155L or N model, the Guide will help, but in these models there are differences in the coil box wiring because of the different frequency ranges, so you will need to work out your own coil box wiring. The rest of the circuitry is the same. If anyone wants to give me an L or N, I will do the necessary work and add some extra pages!

If you are uncertain whether the guide will be of value to you, check Ian's blog: for a users viewpoint.

Order from:
pnholtham at optusnet dot com dot au

by turning the above into a normal email address. I accept payment by PayPal to this address.

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