Thursday, February 3, 2011


Rebuilding my second receiver using my book as a guide I found some errors as listed in earlier posts. Also some of the instructions were a bit unclear. I have revised the text in a few places, included all the corrections listed below spotted by readers and myself. I have also added some additional debugging information that may prove helpful. This is largely just additional measurements of the HT+ to ground and HT- to ground resistance values that change with different positions of the Master Switch AND Band Switch.

The price remains exactly the same despite the rising Aussie dollar. The cost is £34.30 inc post and packing to the UK from Australia. I accept payment by PayPal.

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pnholtham at optusnet dot com au

Here's No2. Note the white lettered labels, these have been redone using white decal (water slide transfer)paper, printing white letters (no ink) on a black background.

Some corrections from rebuilding No 2

I have just finished rebuilding a second R1155B. It is now working successfully as a communications and DF receiver. But in the course of rebuilding I found a couple of errors still lingering.

The first is a missing wire from the bias tag board to V8 pin 6, here is the corrected page.

Then I missed a resistor R22 on the base of V8 from pin 6 to pin 8. Here it is:

Finally, one of my earlier corrections is wrong. I had the two wires from capacitors C23 and C24 on the end of the coil box going to the bias tag board. They should have gone to the 9-way tag board pins 8 and 9 as shown here.