Friday, March 3, 2017


The third edition of the book, with wiring for the coilbox of the L & N models (thanks to Ian Ropper) is now available. There are 188 diagrams showing how to completely dismantle any model of the R1155 to a bare chassis, and rebuild it to a fully working state.

The price is £25.00 plus post and packing. Unfortunately postal costs these days are appalling, approximately the same as the book price. The good thing is that the book is still in the same postal price band. It used to be in the band by about 2 g, now it is by about 15 g.

I can also accept Bitcoin, contact me for an uptodate conversion.

Orders to the email address below.


  1. Hi Peter,
    I am interested in. I have sent you two emails with no response.
    Please contact me on email ok2ptz (at)


  2. I'm working on a restore, salvaging parts from a broken unit. I've also a power supply labelled KT548, but I'm not sure if it generates the voltages needed. Because I'm patching cords together, I have to be careful as to which line goes where.

    My email is: